Connect 4 Support

The new Communications strategy, Connect4Support, is designed to support your Managers and TLs to identify employees at risk of absence.

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Boost Attendance and Retention

Increase your employee attendance and retention rates by minimising the risk of absence by focussing on maintaining sustained Employee Attendance, Ability and Retention through the Connect4Support communications strategy.

What is included?


Initial introduction

Connect4Work staff will attend your Manager/ TL meeting for an initial introduction providing an opportunity for all to familiarise themselves with the scope and benefits of the Connect4Support package to them in their role.


Attendance at employee event

Inclusivity and understanding are essential elements in creating a cohesive workplace culture. Connect4Work will attend an Employee eeting to explain the service and how it can support them to Stay-At or Return-To work after an absence


Manager connect series

Connect4Work is committed to supporting and developing inclusive leaders. Monthly meetings will be scheduled with dedicated time for a one-on-one conversation to discuss absence challenges, or risk of future absence and ask questions.


Regular email communications

To ensure managers and TLs are informed and equipped to support their colleagues effectively, regular emails will be published. Emails will contain updates on Connect4Work initiatives, information & resources, and best practices in employee support.

Benefits for your business

Empower leadership for employee retention

Connect4Support empowers leaders to foster an inclusive and accessible work environm ent that contributes to improved rates of employee retention.

Proactive absence management

Stay ahead of potential disruptions by minimizing the risk of absences and focus on achieving continuity of sm ooth workflows.

Build resilient teams through collaboration

Foster a collaborative partnership with Connect4Work to avail of their resources and expertise to support your own teams.

Strategically align with organisational goals

Connect4Support will align with your organisation’s goals to enhance employee well-being and communication.

Avoid the risks

Avoid the risk of repeated absences due to poorly managed return to work planning.

Flexible pricing options

Organisations can tailor their package by choosing specific elem ents that align with their goals, ensuring a cost-effective solution that caters to their specific requirem ents.

Client Experiences

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Mary gave the workshop the focus and professionalism it required, ensuring that she completed her research with our company prior to creating the workshop content, and identifying the key areas of importance, both for our team members and also the clients they interact with. The training was delivered to a team of people who are dealing with a wide cohort of individuals on a daily basis, helping them to find employment whilst at the same time, particularly throughout COVID, being aware of their mental wellbeing and how to help via their conversations.

testi laura

Laura Kate Reilly

Senior Occupational Therapist at Acquired Brain Injury Ireland

Mary delivered employer engagement training to our Step Ahead Plus team in October 2022. Mary approached the delivery of the training in a collaborative manner and ensured the learning objectives matched our expectations. The training was really informative and delivered in an interactive manner. Mary asked us for feedback at various points during the training ensuring it fulfilled our shared objectives. Thank you Mary 🙂

testi najara

Najara Harter

Dignity and Respect Support Advisor at Telefonica

I invited her to talk about Mental Health for the Telefonica Dublin office as part of our Diversity & Inclusion monthly event. She was brilliant! The feedback was that Mary was approachable and brought up such a delicate subject in a considerate and pleasing way, demonstrating how knowledgeable she is in the matter. I couldn't recommend Mary enough.

Have a question for Mary?

When can an absent employee be referred for return to work planning?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. 

The direct answer is, we suggest that once an employee has been absent for three weeks and it is looking likely that they will not return on the fourth week (it is at this point they are considered long term sick) that an employee can be referred to Connect4Work for assistance.

The in-direct answer is, that as soon as you find yourself asking any of these questions about an absent employee, it is time to reach out for some support:

  • What if I do/say the wrong thing?
  • I don’t know what the next steps are.
  • I don’t want to seem insensitive
  • I want to help, but just don’t know how
  • The team is being affected 

I love to hear from employers like you. I like to listen to your current challenges and if I can help, I will. 

Ask me anything!