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Mary's story

Mary started her career in the corporate sector working in Marketing in the UK followed by training roles in Ireland. After 8 years Mary transitioned to the disability arena where she has remained since 2002 in a variety of roles. Each of these have been hugely rewarding for her as she assisted individuals who struggled to find or maintain employment, as well as supporting employers to on-board and retain their staff.

While working on a pilot programme to support recipients of Illness Benefit, Mary found her niche! Having witnessed the impact on the people she worked with when they achieved a return to work, coupled with a strong desire to continue working in this area, she established Connect4Work in 2018.

"I believe work can be a health outcome. In fact, good work is important to a person’s health! Work is part of our identity - nobody wants to lose that!"

Mary Finn

"Through Connect4Work, Mary Finn will work closely with organisations to rethink how they manage absenteeism in a more positive way."

about new heights

Reaching new heights

Mary's goal? To enable organisations transform their traditional approach of managing absence to one where Ability, Attendance and Retention are promoted and assisted.

Principles of Honesty, Trust and Respect are an integral part of the service and can be expected in every engagement with Connect4Work.

Balancing wellbeing in life is often challenging and through her years of working and supporting others, Mary has come to appreciate the value and importance of her own health and wellbeing.

Regular walks, cycles, swimming (only during the summer though!) and an occasional 10K race are features in her life which she enjoys and makes sure she has time for.

Balance is a routine that needs to be practiced daily, it is not always perfectly achieved, but each day is a new one with opportunities for starting over.

The trouble with an illness or an injury is that it is usually unexpected, uncontrolled, unexplained, or unpredictable – but always unwanted.

Mary Finn, Founder Connect4Work

Our expert partners

Partnering with industry leaders, we are dedicated to supporting employers and managers in their quest to enhance employee retention effortlessly.


Miriam McNulty

Director of Liffey Consultants Ltd
Occupational Health Nurse

Miriam has over 25 years’ experience in Occupational Health across Ireland, UK, Australia, and New Zealand providing sickness absence case management and vocational rehabilitation services. She is a Registered Nurse in both Ireland & UK and has worked within the Rail, Insurance, Food Manufacturing, Information Technology and Public/Private Hospitals sectors.

Areas of speciality include workplace injury management, accident investigation, risk management and training as well as providing expert witness services & report writing.


Niamh Pentony

Managing Director
Boyne Ergonomics

In June 2019 Niamh launched Boyne Ergonomics, an independent ergonomics consultancy company that specialises in virtual and onsite Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessments and workplace Ergonomic Risk Assessments. Assessments are provided to employers to ensure their employees can work safely and efficiently whether for an employee reporting pain at work, returning from absence or a general preventative review of workstations.

Niamh holds a Masters in Applied Ergonomics as well as a Post Doc in Neurodiversity increasing her understanding of the importance of accommodations required to ensure workplaces are neuroinclusive.

Who we work with

business owner

Business owners

  • End to end service to manage the return to work process
  • Advise and draft policies to ensure they deliver best practice for employee experience
  • Prevention – early intervention stay-at work supports to avoid the absence
  • Return to work planning to reduce duration or risk of repeated employee absence
hr team

HR teams

  • We manage the process to give you time back to concentrate on operational aspects of your job
  • In collaboration with HR and TL, we seek to improve return to work outcomes for absent employees 
  • Consult and advise  on return to work policies to ensure they deliver best practice for employee experience
  • Prevention – early intervention stay-at work supports to avoid the absence
hr firm

Specialist HR firms

  • A Value added service to complement and enhance your  service offering
  • Expand your knowledge base and expertise in disability management matters
  • Collaborative partnership to cross refer clients
legal professionals

Legal professionals

  • End to end service of the return to work process
  • Assists your clients in meeting obligations to explore reasonable accommodations
  • Collaborative partnership to cross refer clients
health and safety

Health & safety professionals

  • Working in collaboration with Occupational Health / Safety Officers to ensure return to work planning achieves a safe and sustainable return to work for absent employees 
  • Consult and advise on return to work policies to ensure they address employee safety and the wider staff body where applicable
  • Prevention – early intervention stay-at work supports to avoid the absence


  • A dedicated case manager to support you plan your return to work 
  • An external person to answer your questions about how to return to work

What to expect

partnership handshake


Truth engenders trust. Compassionate honesty can be hard, but it is delivered with kindness, hope and helpfulness. We deliver with honesty and expect the same in return.

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A cornerstone of trust — The triangular relationship between the employee, employer, and our agency is a critical balance of dependability, commitment and hard work.



Understanding of each other’s unique situation and experiences requires open minds, deep listening, and validation. Acting with integrity and acceptance for individualism is at the core of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in life.

Have a question for Mary?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. 

The direct answer is, we suggest that once an employee has been absent for three weeks and it is looking likely that they will not return on the fourth week (it is at this point they are considered long term sick) that an employee can be referred to Connect4Work for assistance.

The in-direct answer is, that as soon as you find yourself asking any of these questions about an absent employee, it is time to reach out for some support:

  • What if I do/say the wrong thing?
  • I don’t know what the next steps are.
  • I don’t want to seem insensitive
  • I want to help, but just don’t know how
  • The team is being affected 

I love to hear from employers like you. I like to listen to your current challenges and if I can help, I will. 

Ask me anything!