Ask Mary Anything – May 2022

Ask Mary Anything

I have been talking to an increasing number of people recently now that restrictions have eased and people are beginning to return to their workplaces.  Conversations are veering toward, I understand what you do, but can you give me an example of the impact of your work.  The best way to demonstrate that is by sharing a testimonial I received recently.

I had a coaching conversation with Mary prior to returning to work after 18 months off during covid.  I was quite anxious about how work would be and how I would manage.
5 months in I’m very happy to say that thanks to Mary’s in-depth conversation things  have gone extremely smoothly.  Mary gave me tools and knowledge to deal with a potential tricky situation.  She helped me ease back into the work environment seamlessly. I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to get fantastic advice from you.
Thanks so much Mary,

I trust this answers questions you may have about the impact I achieve through working with organisations and individuals to successfully navigate the return to work process.