Connect4Work – Transforming Absenteeism to Attendance

transforming absenteeism into attendance

2022 – What did you do?

This year, I refocused my goals for Connect4Work and concentrated on providing return-to-work planning services. This resulted in a growth of referrals for case management, providing support to both employers and employees.  Each workplace and person had their own unique challenges.  Some employees have returned to work, some are in the process of planning while others are continuing with their recovery, but are engaged in discussions about their return to work.  Finally, a very small few will not return to their job – and that is OK! – sometimes, not returning to work is the right decision for both employer and their employee for a host of different reasons. 

The Connect4Work service is a very personal one, I consider it a privilege to be asked to provide assistance to organisations and their employees who are absent from work.

I love my job, but I love to see people return to theirs after an absence even more.

Before the year draws to a close and I want to share some feedback I recently received.


I am sharing it because I want to highlight that there are options open to organisations when faced with the challenge of managing absenteeism. 

What happens in your organisation when an employee is absent from work?
Nothing? – the employee informs the workplace when they are expected to return to work.
Not sure?-  Maybe a telephone call to see how they are getting on….
Have no idea?

What would you like to happen?
Employees are not forgotten about, they are valued and feel supported.
Supports are made available to the employee – before they attempt their return to work.

Supports are available – but you have to know about them first.

What could you do differently to convert absenteeism to attendance in your organisation?