Let’s Talk About: Finding Commonality in Diversity and Difference

Let’s Talk About: Finding Commonality in Diversity and Difference

I had planned to write about a different topic for this month… However I have been having some interesting conversations recently which prompted me to change my plans and share with you….

These conversation have sparked questions about;

  •     differences in norms across and within different cultures,
  •     how these variances influence a person’s outlook on and expectations in life, 
  •     how do people adapt to living in Ireland (or elsewhere) in a culture that is different to theirs

They have prompted me to write about the diversity of difference – and to seek where the commonality is.  In an ideal world, the subject of differences of people should not matter. But that is not where we live.  Our world has become transient with a globally mobile workforce. 

Ireland has become home to a multitude of nationalities with different beliefs but,it is united by people with common aspirations of wanting and being able to participate, to feel valued, listened to and to be included. 

Do you ever wonder how non-nationals experience life in modern Ireland?

Watch out for a longer article on this topic in the coming weeks. Remember though – communication is a two-way stream and I would love to hear your thoughts on the questions I am putting to you.  So, tell me…

What conversations are you having at work on cultural norms and expectations?

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