Life and Work Beyond a Stroke

Life and Work Beyond a Stroke

Do you find that time is racing toward summer? This last month flew by so quickly and it is time again to share this months chosen topic for discussion – “Living life beyond a stroke” 

I was drawn to this topic as the number of people who suffer stroke in Ireland annually is estimated to be 7,500, leaving many people with disabilities and in need of daily support.  These supports are often provided by family members who want to be there for their loved one – but are also trying to maintain their job.

I often come across people who are fast becoming known as the Sandwich Generation and are struggling to keep everything going.  Ever heard of the Sandwich Generation?  It is potentially your staff, sandwiched between looking after ageing parents and their own children. 

Are you one of these people?  – you may know some yourself, but you may be unaware of their circumstances.  National Carers week is June 7-13th – do you have staff with caring duties outside of work?  Next month’s article will speak to supporting stroke survivors returning to work but also to support your staff in their caring role.

If you would like to speak further on how to support employees returning to work after an absence or indeed, staff who are currently in work but at risk of an absence, then please do contact me at [email protected].  Let’s talk and explore interventions to support the wellbeing of your staff.  

If you find the information I share is useful to you, perhaps it might be useful to others in your network too, please do share and forward my posts to whomever you want – and Thank you in advance for doing so!

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