Making Mental Health & Well-Being for All a Global Priority

making mental health & well being a global priority

Did you know that next Monday is World Mental Health Day? 

The theme this year is Making Mental Health & Well-Being for All a Global Priority.

Discussion and awareness of mental health earns much attention in the days surrounding October 10 each year, but once passed often gets buried under the juggle of life.  

I keep reading articles that reference how much life has changed since the arrival of Covid-19, there is no denying it has and that the pandemic continues to take its toll on the mental health of so many people.  

Having a day dedicated to making mental health a priority gives us the opportunity to reach out to others and to refocus our intentions towards positive mental health.

It is an opportunity to:

  • Rekindle organisational commitments to mental health
  • Rejuvenate our efforts to protect our own mental health
  • Recognise that people’s mental health needs can and do change – and that’s OK!

mental health

Even before we knew about Covid-19, many aspects of mental health were challenging. Ireland had one of the highest rates of mental health illness in Europe, ranking joint 3rd out of 36 according to the Health at a Glance report in 2016.  

Research published in June 2022 by academics in Maynooth University, National College of Ireland and Trinity College found that 42% of Irish adults have a mental health disorder.  

We are failing the mental health of our nation!

Now, as we face into a winter with the additional pressures of an ever increasing cost of living, our grit and resilience will be tested even further. 

So, what can we do to help each other and make mental health and wellbeing your priority?

My top 3 List for positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

    1. Connect with others – talk to colleagues, raise concerns you may have before they become overwhelming.
    2. Connect with others – Listen to what is being said to you and let them know you have heard them.
    3. Connect with others – by paying attention to what is going on for them, if you notice a difference in behaviours – check in with them.
      And If I can be so bold as to add an extra point for good measure
    4. Connect with yourself – how are you today – Are you OK?  What one thing will you do today to ensure your own wellbeing is a priority for yourself?It only takes one small action to start.  

What am I doing?  

I have started running with a friend once a week while her child is in music lessons – OK! It was a jog, but it was a start!