Mary Finn on Connect4Work

mary finn on connect4work

I committed this year to doing at least one video this year – here it is! 

It took a lot of retakes and clapper board moments but my promise was to do this so that I could share a little bit more about the Connect4Work Service and Why I chose to work in this area.

If you know of anybody who has struggled to return to work after absence, whatever the reason, you will know the value of support – is not to be underestimated when transitioning back to work.  

Perhaps your or their experience was a very positive one with lots of support – how it should be.  Unfortunately, many do not receive adequate support, making the return to work pathway challenging, if it was even achieved at all.  I hope this would never be the case – but it does happen.

I said in my video – I love my job, but I love watching others return to their job even more.