Note from Mary – May 2022

Ask Mary Anything May 2022

Did you know that April 29th marks National Workplace Wellbeing Day? The day for workplaces to spotlight the various programmes and initiatives available to support their staff wellbeing.

So much has changed in the world over the last two years, we have had to adapt quickly and introduce new strategies to reflect evolving needs.  Old strategies are still applicable, the difference is, they are now being implemented via new methods.

Social media continues to report on the Great Resignation with staff turnover anticipated to be a challenge in 2022. I propose an alternative – The Great Reset!

An opportunity to reset connection with staff – communicate and engage.  Let staff know how your organisation is making work better and how these initiatives will make it easier for them to look after everybody else as well as themselves.

Staff want to be happy at work, they want to stay where they are and progress within the organisation.

What employee retention strategies are you currently implementing?

What new strategies will you introduce this year to support staff wellbeing and increase retention?  I recommend transforming the more traditional approach of absence management (ie. waiting for your employee to return) to a more proactive approach of engagement and active planning.

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Please feel free to share this letter with colleagues in or outside of your organisation.

Thank you in advance.

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