Case Management

When do you think the return to work process starts?

It’s easy to miss the beginning of the return to work process… people think it is when an employee actually returns to the workplace. I believe it starts much earlier than that – I believe it begins as soon as the employee calls to inform their work place that they will not be in work that day.

Case management is concerned with supporting employers to plan for the return to work of their absent employee. It is adaptive and includes the planning, organizing, coordinating and monitoring of the return to work process. Case managers liaise with the employer through the HR Team, Team Leads, Manager or whoever in your organization has responsibility for supporting a person return to work.


  • Regular communication made in real time through unique access to progress reports
  • Staff have a deeper commitment when involved in the return to work planning process
  • Management will recoup time which can be redirected to other business areas
  • Reduced costs through successful grant application

What would be the impact of increased
attendance in your organization?