Organizations who value their employees understand the important contribution training programs can make. Training underpins the culture of an organization and Connect4Work has a suite of short training programs where attendees will better understand the causes and impact of absence, how to avoid it as much as possible or support an employee if an absence has occurred.

Training suite includes

Mind Your Own Business

Mind your own Business is for employees in all organizations who would like to explore positive mental health from a more long-term perspective through the habits of their daily routines.
Habits will not change by attending one event – but it is a start to better understanding.


“If you want to be inspired to take a step forward, then attend an event. If you want to improve, then engage in a process and stick to it”

John C Maxwell

Grow Your Own Business

Growing your own Business – Me Inc. aims to encourage participants take responsibility for themselves as being a contributor to the culture of their workplace. It is for employees who would like to develop an awareness of themselves within their work environment, understand the role they play in creating this open and positive culture, what changes they can make for themselves and how this can positively impact their own lives and those of others around them.

“Change is possible, it can happen when individuals have full understanding of their habits and are open to the idea inclusion.”

Risk Assessing the Toll of Leadership

Leadership is about leading from behind and getting the best out of all staff – their productivity determines the success of any business or project.

Leaders and Managers want to get the most of their staff – however, this goal can take a toll on their own energies.

In this course, participants will apply the principles of a risk assessment to their own lives and see where the risks are (ie stress points) and where they can build resilience to combat these risks.

Returnity (Parents)

Returnity is for any parent on Maternity/Paternity/Adoptive/Carers Leave, regardless of whether this is their first or a subsequent leave who may have questions or concerns about their transition back to work once the leave has finished.

It provides help to parents planning to make the transition back into work as smoothly as possible. It is imperative that parents are supported at this time in their lives when they may feel vulnerable and unsure about what to do, or even where to start. When support is readily available, the transition will be easier to achieve and sustainable.

Returnity (MANAGER)

The aim of this coaching session is to focus on participants’ skills in managing a team, knowledge base of pregnancy and child related leave (Policies and Procedures), unconscious bias and responsibilities. This Training is a 3 hour workshop

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