To get ahead, supports are needed from behind!

To get ahead, supports are needed from behind!

When I wrote recently about supporting employees who are about to return to studies in September, or those who are about to start a new course, I was moved to do so as I know from experience how difficult working and studying can be.

My studies finished earlier this year but I have received (unofficial) word about my result.  I am delighted to say that the hours of reading, watching You-tube videos, talking to people about their experiences and the writing, re-writing and tweaking of assignments paid off. 

I cannot share with you the official result yet, but it was soooooo worth the effort.

Yes, I am happy!  That email reminded me of the effort that went into getting that result. To get ahead in work or study, we all need a little help and support, even if we cannot recognise it because we are overwhelmed with so much to do.  If you are an employer with employees about to become students, I want to share with you my top three tips from a list I recently shared, click here to read the full article.

Tips for Employer to support their Employees-turned-student

  •    Ensure a Study Leave policy exists in your organisation, so potential employee-students will have clarity on what supports are available to them eg. days off for study, exams or other accommodations.
  •    Is the policy inclusive and allow for training to be accessed in a variety of formats to suit the diverse needs of all staff.
  •    Recognition of the extra workload they are managing – talk to your employee-student about time management, encourage them to raise concerns they may have as early as possible to minimise risk of stress or overwhelm.

What would be in your top three list? 

The big student-return is looming and already there is lots of talk across social media platforms about stress levels increasing amongst students. 

Now is the time to consider the support you can offer.  I am currently following a two year programme with the Entrepreneurs Academy, there are no exams thankfully! – but there are lots of supports offered in different ways.  I find talking through things with somebody else to be my favourite support – what is yours? Do let me know.