VR….. OH….HR – How do they work together?

vr oh hr how do they work together

VR … OH …  HR – How do they work together? It can be a little confusing, so in this blog I am going to set a few things straight.  

I describe myself as a Vocational Rehabilitation Practitioner, so I am going to start with VR.


Vocational Rehabilitation: VR

The authors of the much read research: Vocational Rehabilitation – What Works for Whom? propose that Vocational Rehabilitation “is an idea and an approach, as much as an intervention or a service”

As a Vocational Rehabilitation services provider, I work closely with Employers and Employees whilst also supporting HR, Environmental Health and Safety, Occupational Health Physicians, GPs or other Allied Health Care professionals. 

I develop and implement tailored solutions to minimise absence cost and duration.

The Goal? To support employees remain-in or return-to work after absence. 

Occupational Health: OH

According to the Health and Safety Authority, Occupational Health addresses how work affects a person’s health and how someone’s health affects their work. 

We all want to be in good health to work and need work to be in good health.

The objective of occupational health is to develop a healthy workplace culture and assist with compliance requirements.

Human Resources – HR

The HR function helps an organisation deliver its corporate strategy and objectives by effectively recruiting and developing people and managing their performance.

These are the teams that manage the life cycle of employees from recruitment to retirement and everything in between.

HR is the team that is first informed when a person has a difficulty at work or is already absent.


Collaboration is key! 


The structure of modern organisations is changing and evolving, they are increasingly open to being more networked with strategic external providers through collaboration and partnerships.  

Organisations are also recognising that managing employees’ health is just as important as effectively managing financial and capital resources.  Employee Wellbeing has received much attention and resources in recent years – and rightly so!  It has been said that employees are an organisation’s most valuable asset.

VR, OH and HR play a critical role in the success of organisations.  We do not operate mutually exclusive of each other, rather to the mutual benefit of organisations. We contribute to organisational growth and success by increasing employee attendance, performance, capability and retention.

Connect4Work is available to work with your teams on a short term basis to support them through backlogs of high workloads, employees who are at risk of absence and in need of early interventions or those who are already absent and would benefit from tailored support return to work planning.

Contact [email protected], let’s talk and see how we can help you, your employees and colleagues to increase and sustain employee attendance.