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“It’s person-centered, not process-driven”

Connect4Work - Mission & Vision

At Connect4Work, we provide an exceptional service offering customised workplace solutions to increase employee retention by reducing absenteeism through safe, timely and sustainable stay-at-work and return-to-work planning.

We are committed to supporting organisations in Ireland and around the world to transform their traditional approach to absenteeism by focussing more on promoting attendance, ability and retention.
We envisage a world where work supports are readily available, openly discussed, and achievable for companies and employees alike.

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Mary Finn – Her Story

Work has been a constant throughout Mary Finn’s adult life and she has enjoyed it a lot. It never occurred to her what it would be like not having a job or being on absence leave – until she worked on a short-term program supporting people back to work after an absence.
Mary quickly understood it is not always straightforward for an employee to return to work or for the employer to plan the return. Challenges often present themselves and when people are unsure how to work around them both employers and employees lose out.
Mary created Connect4Work because she realized organizations needed assistance to provide supports for employees returning after an absence and reduce absence from work. The longer the absence, the more difficult the return can be – 50% of people do not return after a 6month absence, increasing to 80% after 12months.

Through Connect4Work, Mary now works closely with organizations to rethink how they view and manage absenteeism. She wants to flip the more traditional approach to absence management upside down and transform it into an opportunity for organizations to engage with staff in a very different and more positive way.

When working with these organizations, reasonable accommodations are explored – regular updates are provided through progress reports keeping everybody informed and confidence grows to support valued employees return to work. Even in situations where neither employer nor employee can see a pathway back to work, Connect4Work’s goal is to lay that first stepping stone and focus on the positive outcome of a safe, timely and sustainable return to work.

Having worked in a variety of roles for over 18 years, Mary has assisted individuals who have struggled to find or maintain employment, as well as employers to support and retain staff, particularly after an illness/injury related absence.

Mary Finn is an accredited member of the International Disability Management Standards Council (IDMSC UK & Irl) through her Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP) award from the National Institute of Disability Management and Research (NIDMAR) which requires annual recertification. She is also an active Professional member of the VRA UK (Vocational Rehabilitation Association UK) and Coordinator of the Irish Network within the VRA.

Mary’s continuous professional development has a strong emphasis on mental health and well being and I believe work can be a health outcome. In fact, good work is important to a person’s health!

Everybody has a pathway back to work after an absence. Employers need help to lay that pathway. Connect4Work is the starting stone to that pathway.

How we work

 This is what you can expect from us, and this is what we expect from you. Everything begins and ends with TRUST. In support of this core value, we live by the following:


Truth engenders trust. Compassionate honesty can be hard, but it is delivered with kindness, hope and helpfulness. We deliver with honesty and expect the same in return.


A cornerstone of trust — The triangular relationship between the employee, employer, and our agency is a critical balance of dependability, commitment and hard work.


Understanding of each other’s unique situation and experiences requires open minds, deep listening, and validation. Acting with integrity and acceptance for individualism is at the core of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in life.

Through Connect4Work, Mary Finn will work closely with organizations to rethink how they manage absenteeism in a more positive way.

Our goal is to position organizations as an employer of choice where the more traditional approach to absence management has been transformed into an opportunity to connect, engage with and retain staff.

Connect4Work All Ireland Business All-Stars Accredited Seal
  • IDMSC – International Disability Management Standards Council)
  • VRA (Vocational Rehabilitation Association) UK; Member since 2018; Network Coordinator for VRA Irish Network 2021
  • ASIST: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, January 2020
  • Mental Health First Aid, January 2019
  • Certificate in Safety, Health and Welfare at Work, 2019
  • Managing Grief at Work, facilitated by the Irish Hospice Foundation, June 2019
  • Death at the time of birth: supporting parents through the journey of perinatal loss; Irish Hospice Foundation, June 2019
  • VRA (Vocational Rehabilitation Association) UK; Member since 2018; Network Coordinator for VRA Irish Network since 2020
  • Galway Branch, Network Ireland; Member since 2017; Committee member 2021
  • Small firms Association, member since 2020
  • Galway Chamber of Commerce, since 2019

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