Would you use an app to explore or better understand cultural differences?

Would you use an app to explore or better understand cultural differences?

In their “Social Determinants of Mental Health Report, The World Health Organization (WHO) said

“Good mental health is integral to human health and well-being. A person’s mental health and many common mental disorders are shaped by various social, economic, and physical environments operating at different stages of life.

Risk factors for many common mental disorders are heavily associated with social inequalities, whereby the greater the inequality the higher the inequality in risk”

Click here to read the full report – it is an interesting one!  It states that mental health needs to be addressed from early childhood and is open to influence as a person advances through life. 

 Life, where and how we live and work has changed at a rapid pace over the last few years.  As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Ireland has become home to a transient and globally mobile workforce. Workplaces are evolving as vibrant, multicultural mini-societies of their own. We need to recognize and respect “ways of being” that are not necessarily our own in order to achieve full inclusion across workplaces and society. 

To this end, I have included a link here for the Culture for Business App that may be helpful. 

It was designed for business travellers and international managers, allowing users to compare their personal cultural profile (and/or with another country and countries their profile is similar to) with all the countries included in the database.

It provides users with detailed information on the differences across national cultures, including specific tips for meetings, management and negotiations.

The app also includes the cultural differences in Gender and Generation because to leverage the strength of diversity, one should move beyond nationality by incorporating the multiple layers of values that form perceptions and guide behaviours.

Culture for Business AppThis is not a free app.  I am not affiliated with or receive commission from The Culture Factor.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this app….. have you ever used it before?  If so, how has it helped you in your workplace?