Help Your Employees Master the art of being an Employee-Student

mastering the art of being an employee student

Would you like to help your employees master the art of being an employee-student? Throughout August, I am writing about how employers can support their employees who are or will soon become students.  Once a person has registered for a course, it is up to them to manage their time effectively. Sometimes, easier said than done.

This can be a daunting prospect, particularly if your employee has not been a student for a number of years.  People might have been constrained in the past due to finances, personal situations, uncertainty on what to study etc. Now, with an enormous variety of courses, there is an increasing number of employees turning to education and colleges are adjusting their course offerings to cater for the wide needs of students.

Practical Tips to Share with Your Employees

If you have employees who are interested in studying but are worried about their technical skills, most universities or colleges have tutorials and helplines designed to assist students of all capabilities.  Encourage them to look into their options or speak to the Accessibility Officer in their chosen college.

 In my experience, successful juggling of study, work, family and life came down to successful time management.  I have to admit, it is not an easy one to master and I have tried a few apps before settling on a system that works for me.

I am sharing a link to with you here in the hopes that if you have an employee who is about to become an employee-student you will be able to talk them through some apps that might help them manage their time effectively.

The Winter schedule of programmes offering a wide range of courses across various educational institutions will be available soon.  Watch out for them and your employees who are talking about further studies.

 I trust you have found this month’s topic of supporting employees turned students informative and useful.  If you have, please do share it with your colleagues or your network. 

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