Note From Mary

Note from Mary April 2022

Hello Again!

I trust you are all keeping well and safe!

Have you returned to your place of work yet?  

How has it been for you?  I am hearing a mixture of feelings from lots of different people once the elation of being able to see people and go for a proper coffee break again has worn off.

I don’t know about you, but I find time is hurtling by. This month marked the second anniversary of public health measures, lockdowns, and restrictions.  It has been a time of so much uncertainty, change, loss but equally, opportunity, new beginnings and ways of doing things.  

April 7th is World Health Day – how apt to be reminiscing on 2 years of living with COVID-19 and its impact on health and where do we go from here?  The World Health Organization has launched a manifesto for a healthy recovery post COVID19 – I have included a link within the main article of this newsletter that outlines their goals – just click on the link for further information.

In addition to the world awareness days mentioned in this newsletter, there are two additional days I would like to refer to and they are April 2 is World Autism Day and April 20 marks the beginning of National Arthritis Week.

As always – so much information to share…. I welcome your feedback on the article and suggestions for future ones on items you would like to learn more about.

Stay safe!

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