Resources to Make Life Easier, Inclusive and more Accessible

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When you are out and about enjoying the summer, here are some resources which might help you or somebody you know access and participate in activities easier.  From facebook communities to seat-canes that are very handy for short breaks while out walking to finding appropriate restroom facilities;

The Irish Heart Foundation has two private Facebook communities which are a great resource for information and support:


Facebook Stroke Carers Support Group

In addition to useful information, this support group is a safe space to share thoughts and concerns with others in similar situations.

Working age stroke survivor network

This network caters for the specific needs of younger people affected by stroke.


Mobility Genie is an Irish family run business, specialising in retail in products for positive Ageing and Empowering Independence.


Homecare medical supplies also supplies cane/chair options.

Changing Places in Ireland

A website with up to date information on adult changing facilities located around Ireland – watch this space, it is updated regularly. 

Flush Toilet Finder App

A quick and simple way of finding your nearest public bathroom– particularly handy when travelling!

Simply open the app and it will display the nearest toilets to you.

You can even search for restrooms without an internet connection!

Search through 100,000 public loos all around the world!

Find which WC’s have disabled access, a fee for usage or require a key!

Get immediate directions on how to locate them!


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