WHO launches new Guidelines on Mental Health

who new guidelines on mental health

World Mental Health Day took place last Monday.

Social media was overflowing with messages, tips, reminders, posts, etc.

What did you learn from it all?

What one small change did you make?

Mental health….. it can be hard to know where to even begin.

An estimated 15% of working-age adults have a mental disorder at any point in time.  Depression and anxiety are estimated to cost the global economy US $1 trillion each year driven predominantly by lost productivity. People living with severe mental health conditions are largely excluded from work despite participation in economic activities being important for recovery.

The World Health Organization has published new guidelines on mental health at work.

These guidelines provide evidence-based recommendations to promote mental health and enable people living with mental health conditions to participate and thrive in work. 

“Managing mental health at work can appear challenging. But it should not be seen as onerous. Rather, it offers an opportunity for growth and sustainable development. 

Safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces not only enhance mental and physical health but likely also:

  • reduce absenteeism, 
  • improve work performance and productivity, 
  • boost staff morale and motivation and 
  • minimize conflict between colleagues. 

When people have good mental health, they are better able to cope with the stresses of life, realize their own abilities, learn and work well and contribute actively to their communities. And when people have good working conditions, their mental health is protected.” 

Source; Extract from the Foreword of the Guidelines.

Click on the link here to access the Guidelines in full:

WHO Guidelines on Mental Health

I know what I will be reading for the next few days!